environment policy

Environment Policy

It is our aim to comply with legislation and continue to reduce the environmental impacts of our business

and operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

We liaise with customers and suppliers and to promote the best environmental practice in the selection,

use of the products and materials that we use.


In order to achieve this:

- We discuss and promote environmentally friendly products, paper and board with customers at enquiry stage.

- We ensure papers and board we supply are at least FSC certified if not fully recycled.

- We will be energy efficient

    • LED lighting has already been installed in the premises

    • Print machines and equipment that we use/purchase will be energy efficient and will comply to legislation

- We will ensure and employees are aware of the environmental policy and trained accordingly.

- We will ensure suppliers we use adhere to applicable environmental, health and safety laws.

Wherever possible we will minimise waste:

▪ Through reduction in unnecessary production of excess printed materials.

▪ Through purchasing recycled products and packaging, where available, for our own use.

▪ All waste products are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner:

   - Paper and cardboard are sent for recycling.

   - Toner & ink cartridges are sent back for re-use as part of manufacturer’s environmental policies.

   - Hazardous material will be disposed of according to regulations.

▪ All packaging we be re-used where possible.