LA Digital Print Staff, meet the team

Meet the team....

Matt Herbert - Director

Matt purchased LA Digital in August 2019.  He has worked in the industry for 27 years with quite a few interesting people, from the sublime to the ridiculous, but learning from all along the way.  He has a passion for delivering the highest possible levels of client service and is a strong believer of the phrase "The answer is "Yes", now what is the question?". 


Sonia Harris - Studio Manager

What Sonia does not know about print is frankly not worth knowing.  In her illustrious career she has worked within most, if not all departments in a print company.  Sonia will upsell until the cows come home, always ready to recommend options to enhance any project.  A true force of nature.  Sonia leaves us all speechless - mainly because we cannot get a word in edgeways.

Eve Moors - Client Services

Eve has vast experience within the print industry.  Her cool and calm manner sets her apart from the rest, combined with her diligence and accuracy.  Clients love her, as she loves them and always makes sure that their expectations are exceeded. We love Eve, she is amazing and has a bigger collection of herbal teas than Tesco.

Lisa Foster - Accounts

"Posh" has worked for LA Digital for the past 7 years and takes care of the accounts!  What an eye for detail this lady has, totally unflappable, ultra professional and even drinks Earl grey tea, hence the nickname. 


Dan Frisby - Print Production

Dan is the Engine Room of LA Digital.  Overseeing all production and ensuring jobs go out on time and to specification.  The man never stops, he is like a machine.  Despite being one of the youngest of the team, he has worked at the company since the dawn of time - it seems.  


The Print Finishers & Direct Mail Team

We have a number of part & full time workers with huge amounts of experience within the print trade, who are an integral part of the production team in our busy finishing, fulfilment and mailing department. No job is too small or too big, the team are always willing to go above and beyond - plus they love the overtime.  They have been there, done it, and own many T shirts.



Her back ground is mainly in Customer Service and Technical Roles within Manufacturing and Engineering.


Daisy has a creative side and loves nothing more than to spend time on her sewing machine making skirts, dresses and sometimes even dog coats for her little doggie.


She is also qualified nail technician.


Daisy loves reading British Crime novels and also spends a lot of time training and walking her dogs Buddy & Coco.