Posting Services, Enclosing, Addressing, Database Preparation & Sortation, Supply of Envelope4s, Response Handling


To ensure maximum accuracy with your mailing and database, let us maximise your efficiency by using the following data manipulation   techniques. If it’s not on the list just give us a call with your specific requirements.


Removing those unwanted duplicates in your database avoids mailing the same person twice. We can cross match against multiple lists and our sophisticated software can detect the same addresses even where the spelling may be slightly different.

Address Validation

Postcodes often change, poor data entry can also lead to inaccurate address records. Let us run your data file against the Royal Mail’s PAF file to correct as many bad addresses as possible.

TBR - The Bereavement Register

Avoid mailing to deceased persons by letting us run your database against The Bereavement Register.

GAS - Gone Away Suppression

Let us help clean up your database even further by removing those who have moved from your database.

Data Entry

For manual written forms that you need in a database format.

Data Sortation for Postal Services

Sortation of address lists to gain you postage discounts on your Mailing costs. (Subject to specifications) There are a whole host of postal services that we can offer. We recommend that you contact us for best advice on any Mailing as each service has specific criteria. Advertising Mail, Business Mail, Publishing Mail, International Destination Sort

Supply of Mailing Lists

Need a mailing list? Give us a call with your criteria and let us see what we can do. Lists can be supplied on a one off, multiple use or you can buy the list outright.

File Formats

Primarily we use PC software for our data work although most software packages come with an export facility. If you are unsure of how to supply your file then we are happy to talk you through it or even visit your premises to assist. The following file formats are our preferred format for receiving files:

CSV File, Txt File, Dbase File, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access